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You are welcome in Farm To Table. You can find below details about your booking.

English, French, Arabic

8:30 AM – 2:00 PM
3:00 PM – 8:30 PM

The parking spot of the famous Koutoubia mosque, médina Marrakech, Morocco 40000

From 6 to 24

Transportation ; Appetizers ; Salads; Meal; Juices; Moroccan sweets; Moroccan Tea; Recipe to take home; Free WiFi.

Price per guest : € 60

Ingredients, Aprons, Help, lovely open Kitchen and our gorgeous view of the farm.

First, We will meet you at the parking spot of the Koutoubia mosque. Introduction then we will hit the road to the farm while talking about different subjects and enjoying the landscape of Marrakech.
At the farm, you will have mint tea, Moroccan sweets and discussing our experiences, sharing impressions and asking questions.
Then into the lab for cooking demos and participation. You will learn how to cook. Skills taught will be highly adaptable to create a multitude of easy to make savory Moroccan dises. Cooking authentic Moroccan cuisine, including salads, Moroccan tea pie, learning about the spices, fermenting, brine, Arabic words for the foods, and exchange travel stories.
Once the cooking is over, We’ll gather around tables and eat family style, enjoying the meal we all prepared and cover all manner of topics: budget, shopping, bargaining, health, hygiene, bacteria, food poisoning, the benefits of a balanced diet, seasonal ingredients sugar alternatives, and the benefits of fresh herbs for our healthy life style.
Although, during your cooking class you can take pictures and make videos. At the end of our time we’ll take group photos, exchange our contacts to keep in touch and drive you back to your next destination. You will be full and happy, high on new knowledge and friendships.
Your world just got bigger! This class is a perfect cookery course for the Cooking Class Farm to Table Marrakech.
The farm is a working farm, more like a glorious olives trees, pomegranates, grape vine, palm trees, orange trees, vegetables, fresh herbs etc… close by a weekly traditional local “souk
market” which we will have a tour if you are booking at the right day of it which is the Saturday. We are however still very proactive in the farming process at Cooking Class Farm to Table.

Moroccan salads
      • eggplant with olive oil and lemon confit
      • pumpkin with Almonds and cinamon
      • tomato & cucumber and cumin vinaigrette
      • beet root,honey and blossom water
      • marinated zucchini with lemon confit and harissa
      • Bell peppers & charmoula sauce
      • Seven vegetables & argan vinaigrette
      • Berber Vegetarian tagine
      • Beef or lamb tagine with prunes and Almonds
      • Chicken tagine with lemon confit and olives
      • Fishs & bell pepper tagine
      • Vegetarian couscous with 7 vegetables
      • Lamb ,vegetables &tfaya couscous
      • Beef ,vegetables &tfaya couscous
      • Chicken & vegetables tfaya couscous
Please tell us if you have any Dietary Preferences or Allergies (in description of your booking). We will do our utmost to provide alternative ingredients.
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